1980's Themed Murder Mystery

1980’s Themed Murder Mystery Party

1980’s Themed Murder Mystery Party

September 30th at 5pm

Club TEN Lounge Games and Lanes

It’s the 80’s again, and all of the big names are here for a big concert. Tensions run rampant as backstage secrets spill out into the spotlight with like, totally tragic results! This isn’t an episode of Miami Vice! This is like…murder. It’s up to you to bust it like a ghost, for sure! Peg your jeans, slouch your socks, flash some neon, put on way too much eyeliner and get that hair up! You are going to solve this crime in style. No time to be Too Shy! You are a Smooth Operator, and you know to listen to those Careless Whispers. It’s time to put on your Sunglasses at Night and Relax. Time after time…You will solve the case.

Tickets are sold by entire table or individual bar seats only. $48 includes show and dinner.

Timeline of the night:

5:00 -6:00 arrival, mingle among the other guests (suspects)

6:15 guests will be asked to take a seat for dinner.

Dinner will be served in 3 courses. Salad, entree and dessert. You will be asked to select what entrees you would like when ordering tickets. Choices are roasted chicken, fried shrimp, ribs, or roast beef.

The action will take place throughout the night. Pay close attention to your prime suspects! Clues will be revealed as the show progresses. Will you solve the mystery? Work with your table to solve the case.

Around 8:30 final sentencing sheets are passed out, giving your table a chance to guess who did it.

We strongly encourage all attendants to dress the part. Wear your best 1980s garb!

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