Hunting in Pepin County

Photo by Chelsey Fayerweather

Hunting in Pepin County


Hunting Season in Wisconsin is often looked forward to with anticipation.  Many are eager to spend time out in nature in the silence and solitude of the woods waiting for a white-tailed deer.  Gun deer season may be the most popular, but there are hunting and trapping seasons year-round.  Wild Turkey, rabbit, beaver, goose, ducks, and even bear, plus much more.  The fall and winter in Pepin County is high season, but you don’t have to wait for the leaves to turn to get out and into the woods, marshlands, or prairies.


Lake Pepin Wildlife Area

The Lake Pepin Wildlife Area can be found off Hwy 35, south of Stockholm.  Originally purchased with the intention of creating a state park, it was never developed and became a state wildlife area.  Once this was a favorite hunting ground for the native American people of the region as wildlife thrived around the Lake.  This is a truly beautiful natural area, teeming with wildlife.  Enjoy the exceptional views of Lake Pepin while hunting for deer, turkeys, waterfowl and small game.


Tiffany Wildlife Area

On the south-eastern border of Pepin County is the Tiffany Wildlife Area.  Over 13,000 acres well known for deer, ruffed grouse, turkey, squirrel and waterfowl hunting.  Trapping is also popular in this wildlife area with beaver, otter, muskrat, and raccoon being common, but there are closed areas for beaver and otter trapping, so be sure to check the map.  When it comes to searching for a trophy buck,  the Tiffany Wildlife Area has produced some impressive ones.


Five Mile Bluff Prairie

Ruffed grouse prefer young woodlands and the oak woodland restoration project on Five Mile Bluff Prairie is excellent habitat for them. American woodcock is a game bird nearly as popular as the ruffed grouse and they share the same habitat.  Towards the end of the day they make their way out of the dense vegetation and into more open areas to feed.  So the fringes between the prairie and woodland of Five Mile Bluff Prairie are prime locations.


Maiden Rock Bluff State Natural Area

Deer hunting with a side of spectacular views you share with endangered raptors.  Peregrine falcons nest on the Maiden Rock Bluff, along with more common golden eagles, bald eagles, and turkey vultures.  Around 350 acres of land are open to the public for hunting and trapping.  The natural area is best known for the 400 foot limestone cliff it protects, and the overlook from the top.  When hunting for white-tail it’s best to understand where you are in relation to the trail to the top of the bluff, and to understand not all hikers think to wear orange in hunting season.