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Exploring the Trout Fishing Waters of Pepin County

Pepin County is home to a wealth of trout streams. All around the county, trout fishermen can fish both popular and uncommon streams and reel in some decent catches. Visitors will find Class I, Class II, and Class III trout streams, and can reference a full list of classified trout streams here. Read on for a few trout stream recommendations to get you started fishing in Pepin County.

Arkansaw Creek
Located just outside of Durand in Arkansaw, Wisconsin, Arkansaw Creek is a great stream for trout fishing in Pepin County. A tributary of the Eau Galle River, the creek is classified as a Class II trout stream and stretches for about 7 miles. Brown trout and brook trout are found frequently in Arkansaw Creek, making it a good spot for fishermen who are fishing for those trout species.

Bear Creek
Another trout stream is Bear Creek, which can be found right outside of Durand, Wisconsin near Tarrant Park. The headwaters of the Bear Creek originate in Buffalo County, and the creek flows over 16 miles before emptying into the Chippewa River in Pepin County. The creek is a popular stream for trout fishermen, specifically the middle section which is classified as a Class II trout stream. Trout fishermen can enjoy around 6 miles of stream for trout fishing, with many great places for casting a line.

Plum Creek
Fishermen seeking to catch brook trout should head to Plum Creek, a stream that runs from Plum City down to the Chippewa River. It is most common to catch 6 -10 inch brook trout, but there are also a few trophy brook trout present in this Class I and Class II trout stream. Additionally, Plum Creek has a large brown trout population, which on average contains larger trout reaching 20 plus inches. There are plenty of public places along the creek to cast a line, as Plum Creek stretches over ten miles through Pepin County.

Porcupine Creek
A final recommendation for trout fishing in Pepin County is Porcupine Creek. Located in the Plum Creek Watershed near the city of Porcupine, Porcupine Creek is a great trout fishing stream that is managed for fishing and swimming. The creek is Class II and stretches for about 10 miles before joining Plum Creek. All the trout fishing spots in Pepin County offer opportunities for beginners and skilled fisherman, and are great places to get out and enjoy the outdoors and try your hand at casting.